Planning Board

Planning Board Members

Bret Phetteplace, Chairperson

George Fiebka

Anthony Verde

Mike Anostario

Kelly Joyce

Thomas Flanagan

Peter Zabo

Darlene Thibodeau, Secretary

The Planning Board has the responsibility for reviewing all new project applications submitted by developers and residents, e.g., new subdivisions and site plans. A subdivision customarily involves the creation of new residential building lots and new streets. Site plans usually involve the creation of shopping centers and/or commercial establishment where business is conducted.

The Planning Board consists of seven local residents with the authority to approve, modify or disapprove site plans, subdivisions, and certain wetland and steep slope permits. The Planning Board members are appointed by the Town Board for a seven year term.

Individual applications for modifications around your house usually involve the issuance of a Building Permit, although if work involves disturbing the outside yards, such as for a pool, an addition or installing a shed, the Zoning Officer must review the application for the necessity of an environmental permit to determine whether the disturbance occurs in environmentally sensitive areas. Therefore, a building permit cannot be issued until after the environmental determination process is complete and the appropriate environmental permit issued. PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE (842-7961) BEFORE YOU START A NEW OUTDOOR PROJECT IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE TOWN LAWS.

The Planning Department is also responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) are followed during the review process, along with the preparation and the continuous update of the Town Master Plan, in addition to other planning studies directed by the Town Board.

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Planning Department

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